Nikita Mazepin Is Not Having Fun Out There

He said that the U.S. Grand Prix was a 'very lonely, boring and painful race, degrading like fuck.'

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Of the cars that did not DNF, Nikita Mazepin finished last on Sunday at the United States Grand Prix, as he has in all but four races this Formula 1 season. Obviously, he has all of zero points for the driver’s championship. I thought maybe he was doing all this for shits and giggles but it doesn’t even sound like he’s having much fun in the process.

His complaints from the U.S. Grand Prix include his feet getting very hot and a headrest that came unlodged. From

Speaking about how his race was, Mazepin said: “Bad. My headrest came off on the first lap in Turn 2.

“It made the first lap very sketchy because I couldn’t see anything in my mirrors. It added an unnecessary pitstop. So yeah, very lonely, boring and painful race, degrading like fuck.”

Mazepin blamed his team for the headrest problem.

“I believe it’s a human error,” he explained. “It came off in Turn 2, and it’s never done that in my racing career. So I imagine something was done differently for it to happen.”


It is somewhat rare that you hear a driver throw his team under the bus like that, but Mazepin’s had a very lonely, boring, and painful season, too, so it makes sense that his nerves are a little frayed. Well, it seems that it is not just him, as Haas team principal Gunther Steiner also sounds annoyed, and implies that Mazepin is a wuss or something. Emphasis mine:

“He complained about the feet getting hot a few times,” added Steiner. “It’s happened a few times. We always tried to make it better, but it happens only to him.

“This is the same chassis as last year and we never had an issue with that. And also Mick [Schumacher]... I mean, I didn’t ask specifically Mick, but he never complained about it - and for sure he would.


Mazepin remains firmly on track to complete what could be the worst Formula 1 season of all time. And while there isn’t much Haas or Mazepin can do about the losing — given that the Haas car is slow and Mazepin is a bad driver — I hope these two lighten up, lest they turn a funny and dumb situation into a completely miserable one.