Niki Lauda Called Lewis Hamilton "Unbeatable"

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F1 legend Niki Lauda has never sugar-coated his opinions on modern racing, so you know when he’s giving praise, it’s legit. The most recent target of Lauda’s goodwill is current world champ Lewis Hamilton.

When asked about Hamilton’s Belgian Grand Prix victory, Lauda said, “At the moment it doesn’t look like it is possible to beat Hamilton because it was an incredible performance in practice, outstanding performance in the race and at the moment, Lewis is unbeatable.”

Lauda went on to detail his opinions on the relationship between Hamilton and teammate Nico Rosberg:

“This race proved it again if Lewis does not do a mistake in the next couple of races it will be hard for Nico.

“These things happen in racing lives; some guy is going forward and the other is still struggling - we have this situation.

“Nico will still try to fight him and it could be that at the next couple of races Lewis will make a small mistake with the set-up of the car and Nico will be there again.”


Yeesh. A bleak forecast for Rosberg. Let’s hope he rises to the challenge.

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I’m sorry I know a driver or two that could challenge Hamilton for the championship given the right car. Hamilton is winning now because he has the best car and the talent to drive it. Rossberg some how manages to let emotion or something cloud himself...