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Nico Rosberg's Formula One Championship Trophy Was Lost In The Mail For Almost A Week

Photo credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images 
Photo credit: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images 

Mail services are great at a lot of things—namely, never delivering your money-filled birthday cards, bending important documents that say “do not bend” and giving a neighbor’s mail to you. But in perhaps the epitome of postal misfires, Nico Rosberg’s Formula One championship trophy got lost in mail for five days.


Rosberg, the 2016 F1 champion turned youthful retiree, recently sent his trophy off in the mail with “super-high security.” The huge, engraved silver-and-gold trophy was on its way to make an appearance at the Goodwood Festival of Speed alongside a weird sculpture honoring former F1 dictator Bernie Ecclestone, but Rosberg apparently didn’t get it back.

Rosberg explained the ordeal in a recent interview, according to

“It is very special to me, of course, but I’ve had a massive scare because we sent it off to Goodwood recently – with super-high security – and it got lost,” he said.

“It was gone for five days. This means so much to me! So I had some restless days, but now it’s back.

“It was lost, it was lost in the post! But it’s all good now, so I’m very happy.”


Weirdly, Autosport reports that Rosberg went to Goodwood, too. He was there for a demonstration in his former Mercedes team’s F1 car, according to Autosport, which makes it sound like he could have just carried the trophy along. Forgive me if I’m not familiar with the lives of millionaires, but I feel like the private jet might have been able to squeeze this one on board.

But if not, like, dude... get a satchel or something. After all of the “extremely difficult moments” you went through to win that trophy, maybe it isn’t a good idea to willingly part with the thing.

Staff writer, Jalopnik

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Five days? That’s nothing. I lost this shirt for TWO WEEKS, only to find it in my wife’s dresser.