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Nick Morley Convicted in Gumball Crash, Gets Suspended Sentence

Illustration for article titled Nick Morley Convicted in Gumball Crash, Gets Suspended Sentence

After an excruciating month during which simple human tragedy clashed with hyper-sensationalism, political posturing, class warfare and judicial process, the Nick Morley Gumball 3000 crash saga is nearing a resolution. According to Alex Roy of Team Polizei, a court in Macedonia has found British Gumball driver Morley culpable in the deaths of an elderly couple killed in the crash. But in a stomach-churning turn of events, Morley will be released on a suspended sentence. There are too many lessons to be learned from this incident to list here. Maybe it's enough just to close the book and move on.


Gumball Crash Driver Nick Morley To Be Released, but... [Team Polizei 144]

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That is so sad.

I live in Macedonia and that's how things work here.

The court take my driver license for 3 months when I drive with 70km/h on a 60km/h road. Nick Morley was driving 161km/h on a 60km/h road and there were 2 victims at the accident and he is free man. How ironic.