NICE MyCar, A Study On How To Shrink A Suzuki X90

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Meet the NICE MyCar, an all-electric runabout styled by the house of Giugiaro and expected to be on sale in the UK this fall. Debuting alongside the NICE Ze-O today at the British Motor Show, the MyCar is built around a tubular space-frame draped with a fiberglass body, all powered with electrons flowing through an unknown storage and motive apparatus. With charging times running in the eight-hour timeframe, a 40 MPH top end and a 40 mile range, the $17,882 Suzuki X90 rip-off will be a tough sell to all but the most smug of envirodorks.


But hey, you can get it in an array of Duplo-inspired colors and you can even get "work 'n' play" or "drive 'n' play" options, mixing fold-down seats, sat-nav and other goodies. When the features list includes "front and rear storage," you know there's going to be limited acceptance in the wider market. Expect to see the NICE car company sell their millionth car as gas prices reach $15 a gallon; no sooner. [Carscoop


Rob Emslie

So what, do you buy two of these and put them on your feet?