I have a massive amount of respect for drag racers. Not only do they strap themselves into massive, fire-breathing monsters that can top 300 MPH, but those monsters tend to, well, explode, a bit. And it's a testament to their safety that NHRA racer Antron Brown walked away from this one.

The best part is how Brown actually looks kind of pissed off about the whole thing, taking his gloves off in frustration. I would have been peeing my pants.

Those new canopies sure do help, and though Brown didn't attribute his survival directly to it, he was definitely singing its praises before the race, according to the USA Today:

"It's locked, sealed and delivered," said Brown at the time. "After driving with it, it's definitely here to stay. I don't want to go back there again. Now you're in a fully enclosed cockpit. It's ballistic.It's bulletproof. Things can't come to you."

The team still doesn't know what caused the fireball, according to a release on its website.