GIF via CompetitionPlusTV on YouTube

Explosions usually aren’t great, especially when they happen behind the wheel of a car. But NHRA explosions are their own wacky, terrifying thing. Just watch that car go boom at more than 330 mph! That does not look like an ideal Friday evening.

This particular explosion came from Courtney Force’s Funny Car at the NHRA New England Nationals on Friday, when Force was in the middle of a qualifying run for the weekend’s event at New England Dragway. Force clocked in at 331.5 mph for the qualifying run, crossing the finish line at 330 mph as the explosion blew the body off of the car.

The car dragged the wall for a couple hundred feet before coming to a stop, and Force hopped right out with a wave. She said a fuel line burst to start it all, and Fox Sports reports that she had a minor injury to her hand after the explosion.

But Force didn’t seem too shaken up by it all, and just joked that she “didn’t expect to be driving a Chevy convertible by the end of the day” in a television interview afterward.

Yeah, driving a convertible at more than 330 mph does not sound enjoyable. But, if anything, wearing a helmet does keep the convertible wind from messing up your hair. (And it keeps you safe!)