Next Porsche 911 Showing A Fowl New Rear?

Illustration for article titled Next Porsche 911 Showing A Fowl New Rear?

The 998 Porsche 911 was spotted out and about in some interesting camouflage while taking runs around Der Fatherland. Why do we say interesting? It's got a duck tail rear-end.


Now, we're not saying the E85 BMW Z4-aping rear end is even close to what we should see in production, but if that's not just engineers playing a joke on us, it portends the possibility of a sleeker hiney for the next 911. The rear profile and the overall car shape will be more aero-friendly with a refined look at the rear, updated front spoiler and some tomfoolery going on above the rear glass, leading us to believe the little spoiler is a stand-in for other aero-enhancements. Also, Earth to Porsche, your fender intake decals aren't fooling anyone. []



When I read "duck tail", I was hoping for more Carrera RS.