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According to Edmunds Inside Line, GM's Opel division is working with Saturn on a replacement to the Speedster (pictured), which will be based on the upcoming Saturn Sky. The five-year production run of the Speedster, derived from Lotus's Elise, ended in July. The next-generation Speedster (which could revive the "mini Corvette" Opel GT nameplate) would be assembled at GM's Wilmington, Delaware plant alongside the Pontiac Solstice (and possibly other Kappa-based rear-drivers of the future). and GM sources say Saab also may also get a variation (a new Sonett?). Whether such corporate blowback will deliver the new two-seater to the US market remains in the realm of mystery.

From Lotus to Saturn? Opel Plans Sky-based Speedster Replacement [Edmunds]

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