Next Noble M15 To Get 500 HP?

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It took Noble seven years to develop the engine in the current iteration of the M15. That mid-mounted twin-turbo'ed V6 weighed in with equal amounts of horsepower and torque, both reaching 455. That power was enough to go from zero to 60 in 3.3 seconds, and enough horses left to get it up to the limit of 185 mph. We're now hearing reports that Noble's secret research facility has found a way to boost power levels for the next generation of the M15. The new engine only took two years, so apparently they've only had the time to add a few more horses — giving the new engine a rumored 500 stallions. Noble's hoping to build between 50 and 60 per year at a price tag of under $200,000. Production's expected to begin later this year. Although that's a photo gallery of today's M15 below, we've yet to hear anything to suggest it'll look different than the current model, so how could we not run such pretty-looking pictures?

Production to begin soon for Noble's 500HP M15 supercar [Motor Authority via via Autoblog]


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