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Next Jaguar XJ: A Hybrid Of Rapide And XF

Illustration for article titled Next Jaguar XJ: A Hybrid Of Rapide And XF

Do not be deceived by the looks of this Jaguar XJ prototype. Like every XJ since the middle ages, it has whimsically droopy styling, but according to NextAutos, that old skin will soon be shed. They say the next XJ will combine an Aston Martin Rapide-like profile with front-end cues from the current Jaguar XF — though expect a proper boot in the rear as opposed to the Rapide's hatchback. If all that isn't enough to bring the old cat leaping back into relevance, the XJ may also be going green. D-Type LeMans racers may be the first things that come to mind when you mention a green Jag, but rumor has it that a hybrid drivetrain is being considered for the next supercharged V8 XJR model, allowing it to appeal to a different sort of green-minded buyer. The rest of the range would consist of V6, V8 and turbocharged diesel engines. [NextAutos]


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