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Oh ye of much to say, rejoice with your bad selves. Starting today, Jalopnik is rolling out reader comments, beginning with select posts. Here's the catch: We're very busy fielding offers from the world's supercar builders for us to flog their products mercilessly at high rates of speed (um, yeah) and therefore have little time left for moderating comments. For that reason, we're following the lead of Gmail, and making comments invite-only.

Invitations are being sent out to frequent tipsters, bloggers we can't live without and friends of Jalopnik today. We're not thrilled with exclusion, as a rule, but our invitation system will help us ensure comment threads will contain high-quality information from people we come to trust. Invitees will receive more invites, Gmail-style, so the circle of trusted commenters will expand continually. (For more on how to be a good commenter on Jalopnik and elsewhere, see Lifehacker s guide to weblog comments.)


We're not looking to squelch opinion, and we're not only inviting people who are nice to us. Contrarians are among our best customers.

To find out more about Jalopnik comments and how you can score an invite, see the Jalopnik Comments Frequently Asked Questions. As always, feedback is welcome via email to

Jalopnik Comments FAQ

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