News Flash: NHTSA Determines Inattention Causes Accidents

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It seems all we're talking about today are car crashes. And so we continue...In a detailed study of 100 vehicles and 241 drivers by the National Highway Traffic Institute we discover that not only does the agency address the inattention of drivers, it also picked some really bad test subjects. If 241 drivers got into 82 accidents as the report says, then that's 30% of drivers getting into an accident over a two-year time period. Let's do a quick Jalopnik poll: how many readers have been in an accident over the past two-years? Best guesses would be not a third of you. Also the test had a larger sampling of 18-24 year-olds than any other age group, and they even address the fact that younger drivers are more apt to get in accidents. If it was a well-rounded study the ages would have all been equal. But that doesn't stop some pundits from just regurgitating the numbers saying we're all dialing on our cell phones running into one another. Or you can read all the numbers in the 400+ page study below and discover the monumental waste of time.


The 100 Car Naturalistic Driving Study [NHTSA]

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