New York's Subway May Not Be Accepting Credit Cards This Weekend, Who Knows, Thanks (Update: MTA Says, Actually, Nevermind)

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The New York City subway, which, honestly, even around five years ago, used to be good, is now bad. This weekend, it will be a little worse.

Seemingly out of the blue, the MTA fired off a tweet last night.


A system used by millions of resident and tourists daily may not be accepting your credit cards this weekend, which will be news to the vast majority of normal people who don’t use Twitter. The MTA surely also announced this on their website, right? Nah.

Anyway, they’re fixing it.

This phase-out, by the way, has been talked about for years.

Now, I know the MTA is underfunded and a bit bedraggled and probably itself traumatized by years of dysfunction, so, believe me when I say I understand its plight. Still, my reaction can be summed up by the facial expressions on either of these two gentlemen.

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Update: 12:47 p.m.: The MTA has realized the folly of their ways.

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