New Yorkers Looking To Tech To Cut Down On Cabbie Honking

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If you've ever been to New York you likely know that cabbies can be pretty big d-bags when it comes to using the horn, honking at damn near anything, now people are finally taking a stand. A new proposal is looking to modify taxi cabs so the vehicle will be visually identified when honking. It's illegal to honk a horn in New York except in cases of imminent danger, but an officer has to physically see a horn being honked to issue a ticket. This new proposal would make seeing a horn honking a lot easier.


Don't expect the honking to subside anytime soon. The New York Taxi and Limousine Commission will look at the proposal as part of the "Taxi of Tomorrow" project which be considering designs for the new cab. Until then, those living in nightlife-busy areas of New York are better off investing in earplugs. But hey, baby steps, baby steps. [Reuters via Gridskipper]


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