Illustration for article titled New York Woman Drives 100 Miles With A Kitten In Her Bumper

After she'd driven all over northern New York State one afternoon, Stacey Pulsifer was convinced she heard mewing coming from somewhere. Still dressed in fancy wedding clothes from a friend's nuptial celebration earlier that day, she got down on her hands and knees and began rooting around under her Jeep.


Sure enough, there was a kitten wedged behind the bumper. The poor little beast had been face to face with rushing tarmac for a whole day, and had a broken paw. Pulsifer cried, because she really loves cats.


Who knows how the thing got in there, but cats have a knack for getting themselves stuck in weird places. Do you ever see firefighters pulling dogs out of trees? No, because dogs know better than to climb trees they can't get out of — or crawl under random Jeeps and get stuck in there. If dogs end up on or near bumpers, it's probably someone else's fault.

Still, we're glad to hear the kitten survived the journey and we hope she gives the cat an awesome name like Jeepster.

Photo credit: Benjamin Preston; Bart Kowski/Shutterstock

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