The fact that gas prices in California are only rivaled by Alaska and Hawaii is nothing new. What is new, however, is that it no longer has the highest prices among the 48 contiguous states. That title now belongs to New York.

Brian Williams recently reported on NBC Nightly News that the average price of gas in New York is now higher, albeit slightly, than the price in California. That's apparently the first time that's happened since California started requiring its own gasoline blends in 1996 aimed to curb emissions in places like Los Angeles. Since then, it's forced the state's drivers to pay more than almost every other state for gas.

AAA pegs the average gas price in California today at $3.556 for a gallon of regular, and $3.573 in New York. This, despite a national trend of lower gas prices. New York leads the nation in gas taxes, though, so that has something to do with it.

Yes, it's a 1.5 cent difference. But hey New York, you finally beat California.


Photo: AP Images