New York Auto Show: Volvo XC70 Tougher and Safer, Less Teal

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While Volvo may have given up finishing motorcars in teal leather, their quest for safety has evidently become stronger and more exciting. The designer cited the elegant lines and rippling muscles of the new and improved XC70 as an example of this continued move away from the staid image and iron duke slowness of older Volvos. The Swedes also continue to install free will into these machines, which may in fact conflict with the safety built into the DNA of every Volvo. The comfort level has also been elevated.

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All-new Volvo XC70: Refining the Package of Success

Volvo is re-defining the "crossover" segment with next generation luxury, technology and capability


New York, NY (April 4, 2007) - When the first XC model from Swedish auto marque Volvo took to the American roads in 1997, sales success and an entirely new Cross Country segment soon followed.

Ten year later, the third-generation XC70 makes its North American debut by rolling into the spotlight at the New York International Auto Show. The original recipe is still intact, but now Volvo's crossover vehicle has added luxury as well as even greater capabilities for adventure.


The original XC exceeded Volvo's sales expectations largely based on the vehicle's appeal to consumers in the United States. For them, the XC70 served the functionality of an SUV, while providing the distinctive Volvo feel of a true premium car. The term "crossover" emerged.

The XC70 badge has retained its power of attraction since introduction with the current generation reaching peak sales over 24,000 in the United States. "We had a winning concept from the very outset and we have continuously refined it," says Fredrik Arp, president and CEO of Volvo Car Corp. "The all-new XC70 maintains its tough, capable attitude while at the same time growing more comfortable. Additionally, our design team has given the vehicle a more elegant, more luxurious look."


Perfect For an Active Lifestyle

Whether it's picking up the kids from school, navigating city traffic for a night on the town, or negotiating the wilderness half way up a mountain, the all-new XC70 is equal to the task.


With an elevated feel and driving dynamics that are exhilarating yet comfortable, the roomy yet luxurious interior of the all-new XC70 is peerless in functional versatility. Beyond perception and image, the owners of this lifestyle vehicle make their choice of the all-new XC70 because they intend to fully exploit its capabilities.

"The XC70 has primarily been created to get you to the end of the road. But it has also shown its ability to take you further if you want, or dare, to. A couple of years ago, we organized a test-drive in the Baja of Mexico on some of the worse 'roads' imaginable - as close to off-road as you could get. Even the most hardened adventurers were impressed by what the XC70 could handle," Arp recalls.


Flexing its muscles still further, the all-new XC70 is available with a 3.2 in-line six-cylinder engine. In the new model, the electronically controlled all-wheel drive from Haldex of Sweden can be supplemented with a Four-C active chassis, which enables personalization with three distinct driver settings: comfort, sport and advanced. Also new in this XC70 is an industry world's first height-adjustable booster cushion further enhancing child safety, and a Hill Descent Control feature, ventilated seats and a world-class sound system which contribute to a comfortable and pleasurable driving experience. These features clearly illustrate the dual personality, and all-around versatility, of the all-new XC70.

An American Love Affair

In the United States, the XC70 has garnered press association awards including Best All-Weather Wagon in New England, Best in Class wins at the Texas Truck Rodeo, Mudfest honors in the Pacific Northwest, and Best Overall Vehicle of the Rockies.


The all-new Volvo XC70 will reach North American dealers in October of this year.