New York Auto Show: Secret Ford Car Not A Ford; World Car Of The Year Winner?

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Ok, so we're pretty certain that car we snapped shots of earlier (and have reproduced above) under cover is neither a Ford or a Flex. But what is it? Well, since it was sitting in the "Special Events Hall" at the Javits Center — one would think it's there for some other event. The only other event that's on the schedule in the Special hall is the World Car Of The Year (WCOTY) breakfast tomorrow morning. Our guess is that vehicle under cover is the winner — but here's a question — who's the winner? The nominees are below the jump — and your guesses, of course, will be in the comments. So let's break this bad boy open to the world before the WCOTY tomorrow. Damn the man!

2007 World Car Of The Year Nominees Audi TT Lexus LS460 MINI

Umm, but we just thought of something — it could also been one of the finalists for World Design of the Year, World Performance Car or even the World Green Car. So, you know, let's get to work here and figure this one out.


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