New VQ Review: Nissan Adds Power, Fuel Economy to V6s

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We've been fans of Nissan's torquey VQ-series V6s from the first time we slid behind the wheel of a 350Z, and subsequently, when we accidentally lit up the front meats of a Maxima in view of local law enforcement patroling a school zone (yeah, that ended well). Now, the company says it's rejiggering its VQ sto get better fuel economy and higher performance — 300 hp (a 20-hp improvement over the current most powerful version). The new engines, which will peak at 7,000 rpm (over 6,500 currently), will be dubbed "high response" and show up first — in 3.5-liter guise — in the 2007 Infiniti G35.

Powerful Pair [AutoWeek]

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