New Volvo C30 R on the Way?

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A tip from a reader has sparked some excitement and joyful self-injury in Jalopnik's day-room. According to a Volvo sales manager, the reader writes, the company is planning to build a hot-hatch version of its upcoming C30 sporting a "an engine derived from the S60 R's 2.5 L i5 high pressure turbo in the range of around 180 - 190kw" (that's in range of 250 hp). That would make the C30 a potent challenger to the VW GTI in the US, depending on how it'd be priced ultimately — and if such a Euro-focused car would even be available in the states. Trust that we'll be saving up our daily meds doled out by Nurse Ratchet for such a day. [Thanks to Oscar for the tip.]

Volvo C30: C'mon Get Happy! [internal]


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