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New Update To SRS Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration Report

Safety Research & Strategies' just-published 88-page Toyota Sudden Unintended Acceleration report update (PDF) is too long and there aren't enough pictures. Read silently and discuss vehemently below.


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Clown Shoe Pilot

I'm not an executive, so I probably should have skipped the first 4 pages, as they were not meant for my comparatively low-paid eyes. However, I read it anyway.

I'm left wondering that if there really IS an electronic fault as this paper seems to imply that there is, even though they can't reproduce it, why did the media-reported claims of Sudden Unintended Acceleration go from several a week to zero as soon as someone other than Toyota said they were bunk? Did Toyota customers manage to achieve 100% recall compliance? I'd think that if there REALLY were a problem, you'd have folks screaming to various news outlets that it's still happening.

In closing, this report needs more pictures of nekkid ladies.