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Word is, Toyota's working on a mid-engine sports car to replace the Celica (and MR2) inspired by the company's CS&S concept of 2003. According to the UK's Autocar the new model won't appear before 2008, but will be a mid-engined, all-wheel-drive sportster that seats four — to be offered with Toyota's next-generation hybrid powerplant. Pistonheads speculates that the car, which could be badged Celica, may get a version of the Toyota Yaris T-Sport's 105-hp powerplant, and get a retractable hardtop roof. Not likely on the work order, however, are the CS&S's anime-eye headlamps.

New Toyota Celica to be Hybrid [Pistonheads]


s Next-Gen Hybrid-Drive System to Be Ready by 2008 [internal]


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