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For those whose daily commute involves the threat of assassination or kidnapping, and even those who aren't from Camden, New Jersey but want to feel like they are, the Combat T-98 is a new choice in full-sized SUVs. Touted to be the fastest armored four-wheeler in the world, the T-98 is powered by GM's massive 8.1 liter VORTEC V8, rated at 340 hp with 455 ft-lbs of torque, which can work the safe wagon up to a relative lather of 112 mph. On the inside, high luxury accompanies High Alert, with options that include leather seating and woodgrain accents, machine gun rack, ceramic armouring between the double steel layer monocoque chassis, electric windows that can stop an armor-piercing bullet and β€” for $100,000 extra β€” full anti-tank armor.

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