New Terminator 4 Video Reveals Motorcycle-Based Terminators, Four-Wheeled Harvester

Our sister site strung out on science fiction has unearthed this featurette from the ashes of a post-apocalypse Los Angeles. The three-minute-plus video contains a number of spoilers from the upcoming McG-directed movie set before the events of the first three Terminator movies (sort of — I mean, if you ignore that whole "in the past" part of all three movies). Most exciting is the apparent inclusion of shots of motorcycle and four-wheeled human-killing bots. io9's full report after the jump.

"There are no fewer than 10 new Terminators in this film, and Laing and company have obviously thought really carefully about exactly where Skynet's minions would be in their evolution during this time period. There's no need for the Terminators to appear human, so they show up in various forms, including the giant Transformers-esque Harvester, the motorcycle Moto-Terminators, and the underwater versions, which you can see snapping at John Connor in a brief clip."

Yeah, sure, it ain't no Dodge Ram, but that's probably a good thing. [io9]

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The last Die Hard was pretty darn good and brought us back to the John McClane we knew from the first one.

Maybe these guys can get us back to the first one as well with Terminator?

This does beg the question, which is better? Terminator I or II?