Here we have the latest trailer for the live-action Speed Racer movie. It drops some backstory and provides our first insight into what made Speed Racer a demon on wheels. We're still not that impressed by the Wachowski brothers' extravaganza, based on these early looks. However, there's definitely some kinda cool stuff going on with Speed's famous set of wheels. For example, this trailer shows the Mach 5's ability to replace its own shredded tires while flying through the air. I bet Tony Stewert is really jealous right now.

This trailer also shows Speed Racer as a kid, depicts heartfelt chats with his mom (Susan Sarandon!) and even includes a scene of Speed and Trixie parked on a hilltop, likely getting ready to get it on and make little big-eyed anime racer children. By the way, is anybody else having trouble seeing Matthew Fox of "Lost" fame as Racer X? [Gizmodo]


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