Illustration for article titled New Set Pics From Transformers 2 Show Audi R8 Buddying Up With Corvette Concept

A reader snapped off a couple more set shots from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The shots not only show off some serious pyrotechnics in play, but we're also treated to a tiny glimpse of an Audi R8 cast as something in the movie. We're assuming it's a bad guy, considering there's no GM badge plastered on the quarter panel. Also lurking in the murky shots is the Corvette-like concept, a couple of Hummers, and a semi truck too dark to positively ID as Prime himself.


You want to know what amazes us the most? For some reason Transformers 2 fan-boys go to the set to ogle the goings-on and yet they only bring the crappiest cell-phone cameras. Seriously, do none of you guys even have a point-and-shoot? [TFW2005]

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