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The New Season Of Top Gear Looks Awesome With These Crazy Previews

When Top Gear came out with its first set of teasers for its 21st season, there was a bit of criticism from those that don't understand humor that they were a bit boring. Judging from these two full previews, the new season will be anything but.


I'm seeling Volkswagens, an Alfa Romeo 4C, a jetski, the Christmas Special (which will of course be airing in March), a Zenvo ST1, that McLaren P1we saw, and, of course, a goddamn tank. Looks like it shouldn't be half bad.


Unfortunately, the official preview videos are blocked in the United States on Youtube, because the BBC is weird sometimes like that. These re-uploads should do the trick, though.

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What about the new Corvette? New Lamborghini?