New Episode Of Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee Is Of Course Wonderful

Though the third season of Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee was supposed to debut next week, the first episode has somehow already hit Youtube. Starring Seinfeld, Louis CK, a boat, and a beautiful little Fiat Jolly, it's full of funny, insight, and somehow even wisdom, all at the same time.


In case you're really on the fence about watching this one, and I have no idea why you would be because go watch it right now, they take a bright orange Fiat Jolly up to Chelsea Piers where they get on Louis' boat for a ride up the Hudson. On the way they talk about the joys of getting crushed in a little Fiat Jolly, what it's like to smoke pot and go to the movies, and a great little story about Louis' first attempted outing on the Hudson.

Seinfeld and CK are great comedians in that they not only tell jokes, but they also tell stories. And this video is full of them. Make sure to watch the whole thing, but do it fast. As it appears to be a bootleg copy, it'll probably be removed pretty soon.

UPDATE: As predicted, it looks like the video's been taken down. While we wait until the real thing debuts or a mirror pops up, here's a brief little clip from the episode wherein Louis CK talks about how he goes to the movies by himself and has a nice time. Oh, and he smokes a whole bunch of the devil's lettuce first:

H/t to Shinsen!

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