New Quantum Of Solace Trailer Features Hot Aston Martin DBS Action

Looks like the new James Bond flick Quantum of Solace will feature a more than just a quantum of Aston Martin DBS time, as a new trailer for the worst-named movie ever has hit the web. In this one, we're treated to a bit more of the possible plot line and a lot more DBS, as James uses and abuses the supercar, ramping it Dukes of Hazzard-style, getting shot at (surprise) and, somewhere, tearing the driver's side door off in the process. So much good old fashioned chase-scene goodness is hinted at in this trailer, we almost can't wait.


yellofury : JPNS OEM JDM

sweet even with a horrible name it will rock my senses im sure...

I just hope the Craig era of Bond will not go the gadgetfest direction that muddled Moore and Brosnan's versions (an invisible Vanquish? please)