I do not hate the idea of electric cars, and nor do I hate the idea of a new electric car company trying to sell an electric Miata knockoff. I just donā€™t want it to look like I bought it in the kids section of a Walmart.

And yet, formerly Italian, currently Canadian (hopeful) electric automaker Electra Meccanica announced it is now taking deposits on an all-electric Roadster named the Tofino. Unfortunately, the company only has one rendering to offer, and that rendering looks like a shitty ripoff of a Porsche designed to help well-off parents teach their 4-year-olds the art of road rage.

If we take the concept seriously for a moment, Electra Meccanica claims it will hit 60 mph in less than seven seconds with a top speed of 125 mph and a range of 250 miles from its electric powertrain. It will be priced at around $37,000 (US) and be introduced to the Canadian market. The first cars for deposit-holders will be delivered ā€œby 2019,ā€ according to the company.

Electra Meccanica is also the company developing the single-seater SOLO electric three-wheeler, which is supposed to start shipping in May (after being delayed). Electraā€™s parent company is Intermeccanica, which was once an Italian car brand founded in 1959 that sold sporty roadsters and coupes, as well as replica cars. It apparently currently sells a replica of the Porsche 356 which it just calls the ā€˜Roadsterā€™, as well as a replica of the VW Kubelwagen.

That would explain why this new EV roadster concept looks so much like a Porsche in the face. Unfortunately it doesnā€™t look enough like something a grownup would drive at this stage. Hit me up when its doesnā€™t appear to have been designed in fifteen minutes using a Grand Theft Auto 2 mod.


Via Electrek