Specs from the 2012 Porsche 911 either show a slight improvement for the new generation (codenamed 991) or mark the end times. Changes include new transmissions, longer wheelbase, launch control and and a more Panameraesque interior. Oh, and an optional hybrid drivetrain.


Here's what we know so far:

  • The Carrera S will have 400 horsepower from 3.8-liter six
  • Carrera will have 350 horsepower from its 3.4-liter six (shared with Boxster S)
  • A choice of two trannys: 7-speed manual, 7-speed PDK
  • Launch control with each transmission
  • 2.5-inch longer with 4-inch longer wheelbase
  • The longer wheelbase will help hold the hybrid drivetrain, do out in 2016 as a mid-cycle refresh
  • An electronic parking brake
  • Full-length sunroof
  • 19-inch standard wheels on Carrera, 20-inch on Carrera S

So they're making it bigger, dropping the real parking brake, adding a bigger sunroof, and giving us a hybrid version. Someone pinch me because I thought I was describing the next generation Camry for a second.

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