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New Photos Reveal The 2009 Ferrari California In Glorious Detail

Illustration for article titled New Photos Reveal The 2009 Ferrari California In Glorious Detail

We just received a full load of pictures of the steamy and dreamy 2009 Ferrari California. Ever since the new Ferrari GT made its well-planned debut, we've been slowly digesting the few images we've seen, hungry for more like them. In full, high-color, close-up, car-pr0n detail, we're now treated to views of the new Ferrari from every conceivable angle and all sorts of interior and exterior details. For instance, the steering wheel is pure sex and the gauge cluster has a slick monitor off to the left which details all kinds of fun driver information. We're even able to see the car has a dedicated "launch" button. This, we like. But were we pleased about everything we saw?


No. We don't like the nav system. It looks terrifyingly like a repainted Chrysler unit. Also...umm...well...actually, that's pretty much it. Hmm, well, anyway — let's just get back to the awesome, shall we?

The briefcase shelf in the back even folds down for trunk pass-through action. What's that? Those are seats? Oh. Ouch. We also get a peek under the hood at the direct-injected 4.3-liter V8 that'll be making the well-heeled sing the praises of it's 424 horses of goodness. Anyway, take a peek for yourselves folks, 'cause that right there is how you make a damn fine-looking automobile. [ (translated)]

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Jeff Glucker


what are you guys talking about?! (Interrobangs rule...)

this car is designed to slot below the 430 (which will see an increase in price to accommodate the California)... It is going to be their "entry-level" vehicle. You have to pay to play if you want all the toys.

This car is not ugly. You may not like its looks, but it is not ugly. An Aztek is ugly.

It doesn't need a V12.

ALL Ferrari (except the absolute classics) look tacky because they are out of our reach (for the most part)... It looks odd when someone pulls up to a Starbucks in a growling 360/430/599/612/etc and you hate them, just a little bit... but you also would hop into that car and hoon your balls off into the sunset. You would love it.

Ferrari's are not supposed to be brilliant and simple... they are supposed to be complex, they are not Sentras. they are supposed to whirrr and click and hum and growl in ways that your regular car does not.

This is Ferrari's V8 Vantage, their Boxster/Cayman, their C63, their car for the person who was done pretty good in life so far and they most likely have much more to achieve (outside of the state of Southern California, where you may see one of these parked outside of a rented condo where the renter paid for the vehicle with a credit card)...

Everyone on this site loves cars... and I love that everyone has a different opinion. It is what makes coming here that much better than the mindless robots at Autoblog. However, I truly believe the hate that is spilling onto this vehicle is mis-directed and not exactly true...

The prancing horse is still running at full speed and this car offers the chance for someone with lesser means to join in on the passion.