New Nissan GT-R Gets Crumpled In Malaysia, We Cry

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The folks over at NAGTROC snagged some shots of a new 2009 Nissan GT-R R35 in a slight state of disrepair this morning. And by "slight state of disrepair" we mean crumpled, crunched and crap-kicked. It's sad seeing a speed demon like this all busted up — it's like watching Godzilla getting the scales kicked off of him by Mothra. OK, that's not true. In reality this is worse for us to look at — because everyone knows this here Godzilla ain't imaginary. Pardon us while we spend a moment wiping away our tears. But we've got to look on the bright side — as one Jalopnik editor said upon seeing the sad, sad pics: "Well, at least we know the airbags work." Bright side, indeed. (Hat tip to Eric!)



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Jeff Glucker

I don't understand the backlash against this car at all... This thing is a world beater, supercar numbers at sub 100K pricing (before dealer markup, which will SahHUCK)

Also, I thought most people here preferred "ugly but fast".