So the Lethal Weapon movie franchise is being rebooted as a TV show. Expect that scene where the boss cop yells at the main characters, apparently a lot of car action, and hey is that Mia Toretto?

Yeah, the lovely Jordana Brewster you’ll undoubtedly recognize as “Dom’s sister” from the millions of Fast & Furious films we’ve already enjoyed appears to have a pretty significant role.

Besides that Mustang making one hell of a car-show exit, there are quite a few other interesting vehicles in this trailer like a wall-smashing Ford truck, a Mercedes AMG GT, Lamborghini, Ferrari, and a whole grid of Formula E racing cars. And of course, Riggs’ airstream trailer.


I thought the closest thing we were going to get to a Fast & Furious TV show would be the rumored Boost Unit series starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson we haven’t heard much about that since the initial chatter. This looks like it might be a decent holdover!

I mean, terrible, but decent.

If nothing else I’ve just gifted you a great new Mustang meme.