New Jersey F1 Grand Prix Postponed Until 2014

Illustration for article titled New Jersey F1 Grand Prix Postponed Until 2014

Remember how excited you all were for the New Jersey Grand Prix. Sorry, suckers, it ain't happening next year. The next earliest opportunity will be in 2014.


The fine folks at SPEED have the limited details, saying F1 and the organizers will announce that they were held up by the permitting process and won't be able to get everything built in time.


Clearly, someone didn't pay off the right older Italian gentleman businessman contractor.

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Is anyone actually surprised by this? If you take a look at the amount of effort that goes into setting up the Albert Park circuit to know that getting the planning to disrupt some roads for 4 months is going to take more than the promise of tourism.

I actually wouldn't be surprised if it never happens, and really don't care if it doesn't. I get that Formula1 is trying to break into the US market, but two races in one country is a bit hypocritical when they have already cut the two Spanish GPs into one alternating, similar to the German GP.

I also bet both US GPs would be cheaper than the single Melbourne GP($50million AUD) just for the rights to host it.