New Jaguar XJ Stars In Upcoming Jay-Z Video

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At a Jaguar event last night, the big news was a peak at the video Jay-Z is shooting with one of only six 2010 Jaguar XJ's in the world. And he customized it! Yay! Exclusive sneak peak video below.


There were a few half-joking complaints about Jay-Z putting white stripes on the side of their brand new car, but it's the price you pay to have a trend-setter drive around in your car. Remember what "Hard Knock Life" did for sales of G-wagens and Annie cast recordings.


Having sat in an XJ for the first time, other than a few slightly questionable material choices, it's quite impressive. Large, stylish, comfortable like a Jag but without the feel of being stogies in a giant humidor.

Photo Credit: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

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Jag and rap music, that's so disturbing and disgusting. Rest in Peace Jag we knew and loved.