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New Hyundai Crossover SUV Concept to Debut in Geneva

Illustration for article titled New Hyundai Crossover SUV Concept to Debut in Geneva

The crossover SUV concept has become as hackneyed an auto-show construct as free key chains and guys in bad suits. Hyundai is merely one repeat offender. It may have reached an all-time low at last year's LA auto show with the HCD10 Hellion concept. Now, it's planning another crossover concept for the Geneva show — an environmentally sensitive model with a focus on pedestrian safety. It's a product of Hyundai's Russelsheim studio, which is ground zero for Hyundai's big push into Europe of late. A sketch is all we have for now. The key chain comes later.



LA Auto Show: Hyundai Hath the Hellion! [internal]

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It looks like that drawing was made here in the midwest this past week - the front tire is burried in snow. I'm not sure about the rear tire - that could be standing in the puddle of oil from my neighbor's car...