New Hyundai Accent built Libyan rebellion tough

Illustration for article titled New Hyundai Accent built Libyan rebellion tough

We've been amazed at the vehicles used by the Libyan rebels in their fight against oppression, and this photo today from Associated Press photographer Nassan Nassan only adds to it. Hyundai's getting a war badge.


The car in the pic, a fairly new Accent, was snapped as part of a column of Libyan rebels retreating through the gates outside Ajdabiya, Libya. The photographer says it was damaged during fighting with pro-Gadhafi forces, who have been locked in combat with the rebels for weeks. Hyundai really is going after Toyota around the world.


And yes, we noticed whom the passenger resembles. Here's to being an actual warrior.

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Some car company that makes a decent off-road vehicle should surreptitiously arrange to deliver a ship-load or two to the rebels. Slap company logos in appropriate desert camo colors all over 'em and let the international advertising goodwill roll in. Think of the ad campaign they could craft with all those news photos "...The new revolution in trucks" "The truck of freedom" etc. Aside from maybe contributing to knocking off a truly repugnant troll they could ride a ground-swell of grass-roots promotions.