New Ford Ka To Be Shaken, Not Stirred In New Bond Film "Quantum Of Solace?"We've got a chance to check out some exclusive video from the set of the new Bond flick, "Quantum of Solace." Yes, it's a silly name for a movie. But you know, the "Ka" is a silly name for a car — except for, you know, in Boston. So it seems like the two would work well together, which, if the video's right, will be just the case. The clip appears to show the new, and as yet un-revealed, Ford Ka hitting the silver screen in the new 007 movie, complete with some strange graphics running down the side. Well, we'd have preferred a new Mondeo like the last movie, but beggars Ka-n't be choosers. Ha. We slay ourselves. But what do you think? Is that the new Ka-Ka? Video after the jump.


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