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New Ford Billboard To Further Confuse Drunk Drivers

Illustration for article titled New Ford Billboard To Further Confuse Drunk Drivers

This has to be one of the best billboards erected designed by a college student in a long time. According to the designer, the billboard will be made out of a GE Lexan semi-transparent resin that "accurately blurs the scene behind it regardless of day, weather, or season." Though there could be a slight issue with how small the Mustang logo is, we think these billboards will generate more interest by the blog response than they will merely by entertaining passersby. Especially because it isn't real. Props to Ford on the " Board Move." Check out the other two here.


Ford Mustang [adgoodness]

Ford []


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Al Navarro

I think that's some copwriter's spec (not real) campaign...follow the trail and i don't think he lists Ford or any of Ford's current agencies (it's mostly JWT, right?) on it. Correct me if I'm wrong.

Regardless, they're very smart. Make the logo bigger.