New FIA Wing Would Keep Downforce During Close Racing Maneuvers

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C'mon people, what's more important, ad space, race drivers' safety or the excitement of the sport? (Yes, you can give us an answer in the morning.) The FIA has proposed a new wing design (pictured) that will keep F1 cars from losing downforce when attempting a pass, thus making for more successful overtaking of cars during races. (According to the FIA, 94% of the viewing public wants to see more overtaking.) Most aerodynamic wing design, the group says, focuses on improving performance in "clean" air, not while operating in another car's wake. The new design would render a car attempting a passing move more slippery, thereby improving its chances to get by the leader. We haven't thought about it much, but we'd be in favor of nearly anything that would make F1 more interesting to watch. As for the reduction in ad space — it's not our problem.

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