New Ferrari Caught Bringing Apoplexy Back To Italy

First we told you about the new top-of-the-line Ferrari expected to be unveiled in March; now a Ferrari enthusiast has snapped these photos of a heavily disguised model out testing near Maranello. Don't worry — it's not really a hatchback.


The shooter posted the shots to the FerrariChat forums, saying the hunchback rear-end raised and lowered at speed in an attempt to keep the car's actual silhouette a mystery. The red is actually tape; the real body is apparently blue. And as for it's engine, the only report is: "The sound of the car is unbeliveable, especially when downshifting."

As we've said, the 612 replacement is expected to offer all-wheel-drive and a new 6.3-liter V12 good for 670 hp, turning a 7-speed gearbox. (Photos by Shawn and Shonna Speer) [FerrariChat]

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