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New Corvette Styling Buck Leaked, Deemed "Cool".

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This image was lost some time after publication.

This early styling buck of what may be the C7 Corvette has leaked out onto Woodward Avenue. The body is a bit chunky, the interior is spartan, and the lines are a bit crude, but it's got potential. Har har dee har har, I'm funny. This weekend in downtown Detwa a festival of sorts is going on, a winter festival if you will. The third annual Motown Winter Blast is growing in popularity and provides a necessary distraction during bleak Michigan Februaries (it also lures cow-eyed suburbanites downtown with the promise of edgy urban excitement). And what better way to distract than engaging in some marketing? This year, GM and DCX are double-teaming the downtown area with some, let's say, interesting installation ads. This one hits three of the main themes of the Winter Blast: Ice sculptures, cars, and being cold. You can even get in and pretend to be driving, presumably while making vroom vroom sounds.


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i bet the car will be sleeker by spring...