New Bentley SUV Ditches Giant 'Surprised Cartoon Eye' Headlights

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Bentley is full-steam-ahead with their SUV, teasing us with this image of their new model PhotoShopped into a sandy desert burnout. The Flying B hopes their customers will like it enough to buy 3,000 of them a year.

The most noticeable feature is the absence of those giant headlights we saw on the original concept. The face they settled on is not much of a risk for the company, it pretty well echoes the Flying Spur with a taller grille and windshield.


Bentley reports they're investing £800 million in the new model over the next three years. Yeah. 1.3 billion 'murican monies, they're not messing around with this thing.

Chairman and Chief Executive at Bentley Motors, Dr. Wolfgang Schreiber delivered some vague PR rhetoric to accompany the teaser photo above; "it will create a completely new segment in the SUV market." I guess we can interpret that as "it will cost much more than a Range Rover."

To help you picture the whole car (truck?) here's the official profile released last summer:


Images: Bentley

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