New Audi Q7 Ad Airs in Germany

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Over the weekend, a new ad for the Audi Q7 aired on German television. The 40-second spot, shot on location in Iceland and Czechoslovakia, and in a special-effects studio in Paris, features three, quick-cut segments of physics-defying perspective, co-starring an Audi Sport Quattro S1 "Pikes Peak" (pictured), Quattro 200 TransAm, an Audi V8 quattro DTM — as well as the Q7 star. The Audi-commissioned song "Streets of Tomorrow," sung by unknown Carla Vallet, provides a hauntingly hooky hokey sound bed for all the visual fireworks. Check it. (Note: Audi called in 27 composers, producers, sound engineers and sound technicians to create that song, which it hopes evokes the "progressiveness" of the brand. You be the judge.)

Q7 Ad (reg. req.) [Audi Q7 Globe]

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