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Things you could do 50 years ago: smoke everywhere, drink at work, get elected as a Democrat in the South, and buy a new Aston Martin DB4 GT Zagato. In honor of at least one of those things, Aston Martin's paired with design house Zagato to once again build an obnoxiously expensive and lusty race car.


As with the original DB4GT this will be a lightweight, race-prepped one-off concept designed to turn heads towards their wallets so they'll write checks with more zeros than a Nationals box score thus giving Aston Martin an excuse to build one.


The car will debut at the Villa D'Este concours in Italy, where plenty of moneyed people will hang out. They'll "gauge public reaction" by weighing the checks against a quail egg. If the checks weigh more they'll start the tooling as the car has "a racing debut at Nürburgring later in the month" which is probably the 6 Hours of the Ring.

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