One Acura NSX's Retirement In Last Moments Of Race Made The Ending Crazy

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The NSX GT3 made its international racing debut at the Rolex 24, but the No. 93 NSX was lacking a fender and a hood and kept going anyway. It looked like a magnificent beast rolling along missing vital parts. Sadly, now it will become a source of total mayhem, having died in the last half-hour of the race.

[Note: This was a brief update made during the race as we all went “NOOOOO!” at Lally pulling the No. 93 off, and was in no way meant to be a final wrap-up of the NSX’s performance. While the No. 93 sadly retired, the team’s other No. 86 car finished fifth, and the team’s performance throughout the race was solid enough to win the North American Endurance Cup. We’ve also clarified the headline above to better reflect the No. 93's result.]

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Andy Lally was stranded out in the No. 93, bringing about a full-course-yellow to allow crews to retrieve the dead car.

The race restarted with just 21 minutes to go, having already gotten super-aggressive in the last few minutes before the yellow flag. We’ll see how the last few laps work out!

UPDATE: The No. 93 car was safely towed in to pit lane after the failure. It did not make it out for the race end, but it was ultimately classified 11th. That’s pretty impressive for the first race of a new car, regardless.

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