A little part of our inner child just leapt for joy as we've just found out the long rumored movie adaptation of a new A-Team movie has been given the official go ahead. The new movie will have a speculative release date sometime in summer of 2009 and the entire cast of colorful characters is completely open for casting. The only things we know for sure are that John Singleton's in the directors chair, and Michael Bandt and Derek Haas have been tasked with the writing. All portend good signs so we're fairly hopeful the result will be something good — or at least better than the horror that was the new Knight Rider made-for-TV movie. Now, the most important question for us is obvious, what heavy hauler gets to snag the role of the raddest hot rod van ever to grace the small screen?

Will the old GMC be played by the GMC Savana or Chevy Express, the twin van titans in the General's lineup — each coming in both a rear-wheel-drive and front-wheel-drive model? Could Ford jump into the mix with their new Transit Connect? Maybe Dodge will want a go and drop a Sprinter into the mix, Mercedes-sourced engine and all. We mean, we'd love to see a Hartmann SP5 Sprinter. Oh, the possibilities feel endless. [YahooTV]


photo source theateamvan.com

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