Star (Of David) In a Reasonably-Priced Van

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"Just because we've gone away/Here's a message from me and Ray/We're not gonna let the music die/Join us if you've got the energy/We're the proud/The few/Jalopniks rockin' alone tonight/We're the proud/The few/Jalopniks pickin' our butts tonight."

Continuing on with our celebration of Jalopnik's FNG and only resident Rust-Belt metrosexual Jew, here's a picture of Wert in a Dodge Sprinter, famously endorsed by Dan Neil as the ultimate rock 'n' roll tour van. Not that the Descendents could've afforded one in the day ("reasonably-priced" to the rest of the world means "sky-high" to jam-econo punx), but if they had tuppence ha'penny for every pop-punk band that ripped them off, they could own a fleet of the things. And if we know Bill Stevenson, they'd all be painted grey and come with hard-wired industrial-strength Bunn-0-Matics.


Brian Lopes' Sportmobile Sprinter [Internal]

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